Book Contract

Containing Multitudes: The Social Logic of Lyric in the Mass Public Sphere.︎︎︎ Under contract at Iowa University Press’s Contemporary North American Poetry Series︎︎︎ 

Scholarly Articles

“Lyric Noise: Lisa Robertson, Claudia Rankine, and the Phatic Subject of Poetry in the Mass Public Sphere.” Criticism (peer-reviewed), vol. 61, no. 1 (March 2019): 97-131︎︎︎

“Answers in Progress: Amiri Baraka’s Black Communications Project in the Archives,” in submission

“The Social Logic of Lyric in the Mass Public Sphere,” in progress

Book Chapters in Scholarly Volumes

“Lyric, Antilyric, Conterlyric” in Decentering Poetics: North American Poetry 2000-2025. Brossard, Lang, and Broqua eds.. Forthcoming

“Of Lyric Proportions: Poetry and the Genres of Climate Crisis” in Conjecturing Climate: Reading Dickinson at the End of the World. Mikos, Tavlin, Werner eds.. Forthcoming

Poetry Books and Chapbooks

Simple Location (above/ground, 2023). Print︎︎︎

Someone Like You (Gauss PDF, 2017). Web︎︎︎

Six Counterfactual Landscape 
(Hesse Flatow, 2017). Limited edition. Print

Simple Location.
Full-length book in progress.

Collaborative Poetry Volumes

Executive Orders (cumulative volume). Forthcoming from punctum books, 2024-25. Print and web︎︎︎

Executive Orders III. Organism for Poetic Research, 2020. Web︎︎︎

Executive Orders II. Organism for Poetic Research and The Operating System, 2018. Print︎︎︎

Executive Orders I. Organism for Poetic Research, 2017. Print︎︎︎

Selected Poems in Periodicals

“Skunks Eat Leaves.” Tuesday Poem,  Dusie Collective. July 2022. Web︎︎︎

“Mapquest” and “Back Home.” Periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics, May 2022. Web︎︎︎ 

“From This Must Be The Place.The Distance Plan, no. 5. December 2018. Print︎︎︎

“Disobedience Suite” (Spanish translation by Juan Arabia). Buenos Aires Poetry. August 2016. Web and print︎︎︎ 

“Liquid Canopy” and “Coke Zero.” IO: A Journal of New American Poetry. November 2015. Web︎︎︎

“Anagram” and “Nag A Ram.” Prelude. May 2015. Web︎︎︎

“Disobedience Suite,” “Sunday Pleasures,” and “18.” Boston Review. April 2015. Web︎︎︎

“Aubade,” “Eegah!” and “Watch out 4 Snakes.” The Brooklyn Rail. April 2015. Print︎︎︎

“D+G.” The duration / Of display. June 2013. Print

“The Basic Strokes.” It’s My Decision. June 2012. Web︎︎︎

“Meet Me In the City Themed City” and “This is a Portrait.” Stonecutter. June 2011. Print

“D1TF” and “All My Enemies.” Cousin Corrinne’s Reminder. September 2011. Print

“Dear One Thousand Friends.” Supermachine. May 2011. Print


“The Past is a Foreign Country: A Review of Wendy Xu’s The Past.Chicago Review. Summer 2022 . Print and web︎︎︎

“James Schuyler’s Uncollected Poems.” The Faster Times. May 2010. Web︎︎︎

“Content: An interview with James Copeland.” The Faster Times. April 2010. Web︎︎︎

“‘I Pour Myself Into a Phone’: A Review of Ben Mirov's Ghost Machine.” The Faster Times. March 2010. Web︎︎︎

“James Franco’s ‘The Dangerous Book Four Boys.’” The Huffington Post. July 2010. Web︎︎︎

“Paper Tigers with Real Fangs: Lethem’s Chronic City.The Huffington Post. December 2010. Web︎︎︎

“Deitch Projects Showcases Emerging Artists.” The Huffington Post. October 2009. Web︎︎︎

“The Madness of the Maker: Frank Bidart’s ‘The Third Hour of the Night.’” Wesleyan Critical Review. 2007. Print 


“The Green Shift: A Union President” Urban Omnibus. Web. January 2024 ︎︎︎

“The Green Shift: A Building Superintendent” Urban Omnibus. Web. October 2023 ︎︎︎

The Green Shift: An Electrician” Urban Omnibus. Web. September 2023︎︎︎

“The Green Shift: A Fishmonger” Urban Omnibus. Web. July 2023︎︎︎

“Peak Problems: New York City’s peaker plants are conspicuous emblems of a carbon-intensive energy economy — and its disastrous consequences.” Urban Omnibus. September 2021. Web︎︎︎

“Carbon Coin.” The Distance Plan: A Lexicon, July 2021. Web︎︎︎

“Eco-Socialism.” The Distance Plan: A Lexicon, June 2021. Web︎︎︎

“Greenwashing.” The Distance Plan: A Lexicon, March 2021. Web︎︎︎

“Against Comfort.” The Distance Plan: A Lexicon, November 2020. Web︎︎︎

“Slow Violence.” The Distance Plan: A Lexicon, August 2020. Web︎︎︎

“Counterfactual.” The Distance Plan: A Lexicon, July 2020. Web︎︎︎

Work in Exibitions

The Apologies (with Amy Howden-Chapman), solo show, Gallatin WetLab, Governor’s Island, New York City, fall 2024 

The Apologies (with Amy Howden-Chapman) in Better Than This, East Quay Museum, Watchet, United Kingdom, summer 2022︎︎︎

Six Counterfactual Landscapes in Romantic Destinations, Hesse Flatow, Chelsea, New York, NY, summer 2017

Various Print Design Works in Ten Years of Ugly Duckling Presse, MOMA PS1, Queens, New York, NY, summer 2013


“Andrew Michael Gorin.” Poetry Mini Interviews. June 2022. Web︎︎︎

“Reeling from Trump’s Executive Orders, Some Unacknowledged Legislators Propose a Few of Their Own.” MobyLives, Melville House. June 2017. Web︎︎︎