My lessons focus on elucidating literary form, exploring social and political history, and cultivating creative and critical abilities to contemplate the ways cultural texts reflect broader social realities. My student-centered approach to teaching stresses that the specific cultural competencies we acquire through literary study prepare us for lives as engaged citizens who will be responsible for producing a more equitable and sustainable future.

I also volunteer weekly as a Writing and Critical Thinking tutor for the educational non-profit Minds Matter NYC.︎︎︎ 

Current Courses

“Media and Identity,” Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, spring 2023

“Literature and the Environment,” Environmental Studies and English, New York University, spring 2023︎︎︎

Teaching Appointments

Lecturer, Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University, 2022-current

Lecturer, Department of Environmental Studies, New York University, 2022-current

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Department of English, New York University, 2021-2022

Graduate Instructor, Various Departments, New York University, 2016-2018

Lecturer, Department of English, CUNY Queens College, 2013-2014

Lecturer, Department of English, CUNY Brooklyn College, 2012-2014

Courses Taught

Literature and the Environment︎︎︎

Media and the Environment︎︎︎

Major Texts in Critical Theory︎︎︎

Introduction to the Study of Literature︎︎︎

Creative Writing Capstone

Creative Writing Capstone Colloquium (Workshop)

Reading as a Writer: The Poetics of Research︎︎︎

Introduction to Poetry: Modern and Contemporary Poetry

Great Works of English Literature

Composition II: Intro to American Poetry

Composition I: Code + Language

Drafted Syllabi

Poetry’s Publics and Counterpublics︎︎︎